The Almighty Dollar

My weekly allowance was fifty cents. For that I had to work for several hours on our country property (no, not a vacation property, our home).

Under age ten, I was the eldest so when my parents had to attend a dinner event for work I was hired to babysit my sisters and brother. That was fifty cents per hour, not per week. Soon I began buying my own “tennies” and jeans.

For me it was not the money, it was being respected and appreciated for what I could contribute to the cause, back then it was my parents and family.

It still is, and should be, along with my own family. Yesterday I made a recipe from a Canadian cookbook, a pepper steak my cousin made 20 years ago and I bought the book. I gave my husband three pages from three different cookbooks yesterday. He chose the pepper steak (I used skirt steak) and loved it.

He won’t be around much longer and I’ll do simpler things for just me. No, he’s not dying or anything, just going away for work and should be back every week or so. I just can’t justify dirtying many pots and pans for me. I’ll do an organic mac & cheese in the microwave and not have to do dishes.

This is going to be a good weekend. He wants to see Star Wars. If he’s going to be eating burgers every night I want to make three great dinners that he’ll remember. Tonight is vegetarian lasagne, (see my 10-minute lasagne) but with a twist. A pesto of basil and arugula integrated into the ricotta and mozzarella or as a separate layer. I’m thinking separate. It’ll be tasty. Dee



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