Clearing the Decks

In more ways than one. First, there is a story. Achieving goals is my husband’s premise. Now he is trying to cook a few things I’m teaching him. He gets the goal but leaves it to his teacher and minion, the dog, to clean up after he uses every pot, pan and dish in the kitchen! Yes, has had staff.

In the end it is my kitchen to keep and keep up. He is very tall so does not get to the lower cabinets very easily. I do not get to the upper cabinets so it’s a match made over 14 years ago, in heaven.

When I get ready to prep, cook and clean up, it’s time to clear the decks. The Navy Captain, a gent who married us 13 years ago would agree, wholeheartedly. We flew to his burial at Annapolis, where I’m invited to visit any time. I would worry if he ever got into his lovely wife’s kitchen.

Anything drying on a dish mat, anything in the sink, run the dishwasher, do hand wash of knives and others. He wants a meal. I work to make it happen but do clear the decks completely before I prepare food. That may even mean placing tea towels and dish mats in the laundry and running that as well. Both take forever.

That said, I’ve been trying to change up our menu these nights. Last night I cleaned and cut up a pork tenderloin and submerged in salt and pepper, and hard apple cider for an hour then cooked it on the stove with roasted red potatoes and a salad I’d pre-made with a lemon vinaigrette I poured on at the last minute.

The other night I made Acorn-fed pork ribs, sort of St. Louis style, with a rub of salt, pepper, Ancho chile powder and smoked Paprika, and a pinch of sugar. 1.5 hours in a 325 degree oven covered in foil then I slathered on some Rufus Teague bbq sauce and my husband placed it on the grill for five minutes, served with baked potatoes.

Tonight I may go back to an old favorite we haven’t had in a couple of years. I just need some chicken, prosciutto and Fontina d’Aosta. I have butter, bread crumbs, potatoes and garlic with which to saute the remainder of the arugula. Who knew I could become an Italian grandmother? Certainly not our German, Swiss, Scottish ancestry.

Cheers and have a great day. Dee


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