Special Occasions

A parental friend and neighbor early on, before age 8, a psychologist, scholar and genius used to give me a word per day. When I saw him the next day mowing his lawn, I had to report the meaning. I probably got them back to him before due because I was so bored with school and his lessons were more challenging.

His lovely wife, who died recently, tried to get me interested in art. I’ve one crayon drawing I framed recently on our walls of all the major characters of The Wizard of Oz. At age five that was the pinnacle of art for me, even years later. I went on to copper tooling, and excelled at perspective drawings but that was it. With the beautiful photos I and others have taken, and my father’s paintings my husband’s favorite work is mine, a tiny Dorothy/Dee on the back of the lion. I may have been roaring, as I have when needed.

One year the lessons were phobias, so neighbor G asked me to define triskadekaphobia. That was reported back as fear of the number 13.

Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary. We did and did not do something special. I made him meat loaf, mashed potatoes and my version of Grandma’s cucumber salad that he loves. There were gifts from others as well.

Just in case G thinks I’m afraid of triskadekaphobia I think I’m going to call this the first day of our 14th year of marriage. Cheers to us. Dee


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