I wanted to send you a photo of a tsunami of ice coming in over our lake and the lake sending up warm air to dismiss the ice. Today we had three students over to stand outside and take photos. It reminded me of the day I took this, of the gorgeous mushrooms I bought at a farmers’ market in the Rockies, overlooking a 1,200 acre nature preserve with elk, moose, really cool Greater Sandhill Cranes, and other critters. I used to let photographers go to our upper balcony, especially when moose were around. Sad story, these two juvenile males lost their mother on I-80, jumped into the Preserve and walked right by us. Incredible. Then they crashed a wedding, ate all the trees nearby and left for places unknown the next day.

I love helping young people learn. At least one of the students may wish to come early morning to see the ice clouds and steam tomorrow. Cheers and best from Dee



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