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He looks at me every day. He has a placard around his neck that commemorates our wedding day 14 years ago today.

We got to see him two weeks before his demise but I’ve photos of him younger and stronger and remember him balancing a treat on his nose and then tossing it up in the air and swallowing it.

I remember that his mom taught him to be able to take care of folks at the VA, and that when he started to fail she took him to swim.

When I think about it Gus’s dad took me down the “aisle” at our elopement in a grove of trees overlooking the ocean. It should have been Gus. Then the Best Man would have had only one job.

I loved that dog and know that he sees me and looks over me every day. Happy anniversary, Gus! Dee

Special Occasions

A parental friend and neighbor early on, before age 8, a psychologist, scholar and genius used to give me a word per day. When I saw him the next day mowing his lawn, I had to report the meaning. I probably got them back to him before due because I was so bored with school and his lessons were more challenging.

His lovely wife, who died recently, tried to get me interested in art. I’ve one crayon drawing I framed recently on our walls of all the major characters of The Wizard of Oz. At age five that was the pinnacle of art for me, even years later. I went on to copper tooling, and excelled at perspective drawings but that was it. With the beautiful photos I and others have taken, and my father’s paintings my husband’s favorite work is mine, a tiny Dorothy/Dee on the back of the lion. I may have been roaring, as I have when needed.

One year the lessons were phobias, so neighbor G asked me to define triskadekaphobia. That was reported back as fear of the number 13.

Yesterday was our 13th wedding anniversary. We did and did not do something special. I made him meat loaf, mashed potatoes and my version of Grandma’s cucumber salad that he loves. There were gifts from others as well.

Just in case G thinks I’m afraid of triskadekaphobia I think I’m going to call this the first day of our 14th year of marriage. Cheers to us. Dee

11th Wedding Anniversary

That’s today. And it’ll be Zoe the dog’s 10th birthday this week. What a day! Most of all I’m thankful for the two of them, and for all the love and care our families and friends have given us over many years.

I may have told you this, after the ten year tin anniversary, is the spoonula anniversary with Rubbermaid kitchen gear. At least that’s what Jim thinks. I’ll shop later for his favorite meal for the ages, steak and potatoes and I’ll infuse a veg in there somewhere. Perhaps carrots.

Let’s hope next year is not adult diaper anniversary for me or Zoe. Dee