Oh, he taught me so many things as the eldest child, including eating an ice cream cone and drinking through a straw.

He taught persistence, honesty, fortitude, sticking up for someone or something one believes in. Love, hard work, and pulling it into a package that will make a difference in this crazy world.

Of late I’ve thought my husband, if wearing suit and tie, not usual for software folks who wear jeans and geeky t-shirts, should have a statement piece. I decided on tie clips and tie bars for every part of his life, from his love of Texas, machinery, science.

One I found a few months ago was of a Euclid tractor. Circa 1960 from Euclid OH. I thought of him growing up on a dairy in Texas and bought it.

I was also thinking of me because at age eight I was driving a two-speed Toro with a lever for the grass cutter and a clutch. That was Dad. We did hard work and played hard as well. At age 80 he took up art. I’ve framed several of his works and he promises more.

He used to take my hand to go to the tobacco store in a very small town. The smells were wonderful. He has been, and still is, a great Dad. Cheers! Buon appetito, Dee


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