Is Cooking Enough?

When is it enough to have a home cook inspired by top chefs, to learn and read more cookbooks and learn new techniques?

When the home cook is bombarded with shows like Worst Cooks in America, Cutthroat Kitchen and now I saw an ad for another show coming up where cooks lie to each other, something about cooking deception.

I’ve been to cooking school, two, in fact and have learned a great deal by them and by a lifetime of cooking and cookbooks. And Julia Child. I used to watch her on PBS as a kid. Jacques Pepin was also on, with Julia, not really in my kitchen but on tv.

Cooking is a craft, especially for the home cook, that can become an art. To cheat each other out of ingredients or deceive each other is not an art, it is a farce.

I’ve been a fan of Top Chef since few knew about it and we used to email back and forth the day after it aired. Over the years it, and of course Top Chef Masters, has taught me a lot about ingredients and preparations I’ve never tried for lack of access to ingredients or knowledge. Yes, I did try octopus in Greece and I had textural issues with it.

Every chef does not have to be on television or sell books, or cooking equipment “branded” by them on QVC.

I live in a community on the 15th floor of a 20 story tower, with a sister tower next door. Nobody cooks. As I walk the dog I see pizza and other food delivery trucks everywhere. My husband said a robot could be taught to cook. How about that for a guy I’ve cooked for, for over 14 years?

Only my double sink nearly fell below, a burner was left on after cream boiled over for my brussels sprout/cauliflower gratin and the flames were snuffed but the kitchen controls showed me the burner was off. The gas was on all night and I called in and they said we could have died. Christmas Eve my husband took a hand drill and placed tiny holes in the top of every controller while I went to the drug store and bought the shiniest red nail polish I’ve never, ever worn in my life.

He put a drop of nail polish in each of the tiny holes so we could see closed from open flame (maintenance didn’t get it either but smelled the gas). Now going to sleep includes doors locked, all burners off, oven off, lights.

Oh boy, now someone is going to start a tv show with kitchen disasters and I’ll be in it, so will not tell you more. I’ll stick with Alton Brown. The one from Good Eats. He actually has something to say. Make a great meal! Dee


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