The Sun is Trying

to come up. The ice-maker clouds are out there, and there is a brief space between those and the rain/snow-making clouds that fill the entire sky a bit higher.

I may not have to lower the shades today at all. It is a beautiful sunrise but don’t think I can catch it on camera.

Last night I did fall asleep on the sofa and my husband covered me with a blanket. I awakened at 4:00 a.m. all stuffed up and sneezing like crazy.

Sneezy fit done I sat up for a bit for this cold then checked on husband and dog and they were both sound asleep and snoring. The batteries in my non-tethered keyboard were dead so I went seeking others in closets and found them and replaced them without awaking anyone.

That’s how I like life. I’m retired these days and I do my best to assure that my husband, dog and our families are OK. Let them sleep (dog has already gone out and been fed early) and feed my love hopefully an early lunch of fajitas with marinated chicken and veal chorizo with flour tortillas, homemade salsa and guacamole and some cheese, lime juice and perhaps sour cream.

That is a life I like. I asked for a volunteer role at a charity and was denied yesterday because they no longer do pet adoptions. Yes, I’ve worked for shelter pets for years and have adopted four in 25 years. Two cats, two dogs. Our only pet, a dog will be 12 this month and we needed to have her hips taken out at 6 and 9 months of age due to the most severe hip dysplasia her surgeon had ever seen. She was only 25 lbs. so there were no hip replacements back then for a dog of her size. She grew her own hips from cartilage. She hasn’t run for a few years but bet she can beat a Golden Retriever around a tree and get the ball first and drop it at my feet.

As for the charity I said I would not be on site and my specialities are writing, development, volunteer development and special events. Instead of reading my note they sent me one about adoption events at the shelter where we adopted Zoe 12 years ago. We live 1,500 miles away from there. Helpful? No. Thanks a bunch, big donors. Dee


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