I’ve worked with rescue dogs, cats and ferals for many years. Today I lent my neighbors two collars for a week, for their pup. One is a Martingale and the other is a prong I never used on our Zoe but needed to when my old dog was two years old, 80 lbs. and would drag me down the street.

This is a new pup who’s starting to grow exponentially and needs to know who’s boss. He’s starting to pull his owners over and it’s going to snow tomorrow, at least three inches and I’ve even been pulled over by our old dog before on icy roads/sidewalks because the city and county do not plow.

Once this dog gets rid of his needle teeth and stops biting he will be a wonderful companion. He has it in him, I see it and have the wounds to prove it! He is a diamond in the rough. Cheers, Dee

ps He’s going to have to go with Zoe and split responsibilities soon. Of course old lady Zoe will snoopervise.



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