They grew up together. Close but not too close. My husband was a human tornado and his younger brother was a neat guy. Go figure, I got the messy one.

Parents had to take 1″ off the bottom of the mirror in the boys’ bathroom from the human tornado.

After we met over 14 years ago (married 13 years this month), we’ve a dog, who will be 12 a week later, and no kids. We help our nephew in school.

I only had one brother. He was unfortunate enough to grow up with two elder sisters, me eldest, and one younger. He didn’t have the luxury of a brother.

These brothers got closer after they married and had shared interests. Before then younger would go out canoeing and deer hunting and older would spend time in the lab he created behind the milk barn.

We help each other out when we can. Husband and I help with private school for a very smart and talented young man. The gift has been reciprocated many times over as young brother actually calls me to see how I’m doing and shows us his son’s work.

They also watch each other’s six and take care of the women and kids and pets. Who could ask for anything more! Ira Gershwin would like that. Dee


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