Right now it’s -2 degrees outside and with wind chill, -21.

I’ve had a great Marmot down jacket for years and the zipper started breaking down. I fixed it for tomorrow’s morning dog walk but I’ll need long underwear, ski pants, boots, jacket, vest, cossack hat and heavy gloves for the morning. Plus Zoe will need her coat because of the cold mixed with high winds.

We’ll work things out and I’ll make sure to wear something with tread, like hiking or snow boots so Zoe cannot pull me over. Even with a full fur coat and extra non-fur coat I don’t think she’ll want to be outside tomorrow, she would rather sleep. That’s my gal.

Beauty sleep 20 hours per day and she’s a gorgeous older gal. Think Cyd Charice. Shirley MacLaine is beautiful. Audrey Hepburn. Zoe only has to eat twice and go for a walk a few times per day. Not cook three meals and clean and pay the bills. Zoe has not a wrinkle and everyone says she looks like a pup albeit well-behaved as any great aunt would be.

That is a tribute to her temperament, DNA (as a mutt, who knows where that came from), diet, exercise and folks that care for her. She pulled me over two years ago, early morning, clearly not her fault. I tried to keep her from all four legs going out on serious icy sidewalks (county) and succeeded but fell myself and no-one was there to help. I had that bruise for eight months.

All I can say is that there may be a few weeks for the ice fishers once the ice comes in, and we like to reward one lucky bunch, chosen at random each year, to give coffee and pastries and a six-pack of local beer for later. Cheers! Dee




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