Yes, he’s the guy who rolled the stone uphill only to have it fall and do it again and again. Greek mythology.

That’s me. I’m a woman in a man’s world. I added my new (yes, first) husband to a bank account I’d had for years. We were both signators but they would only talk to him.

Everything I do, every place I go, I make sure we are co-owners of an account. No-one will talk to me. I’m pushing that rock up the hill again and again and am getting tired and old.

My dear husband of 12 years goes away for work for months at a time. I need to be able to pay our bills. If we need to change civil rights laws I’ve done so before in the legislature and can do it again. Please enforce civil rights laws on businesses that discriminate against women. Especially the banks and insurance companies I paid to bail out.

I believe some of this started with restrictions after 9/11. Please, President Obama and Senators and Congress Members lift this ban on spouses. NSA, please read this. Thank you. Dee



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