To Catch a Thief

Yes, one of my favorite movies with Cary Grant and Grace Kelly. This thief was no “cat” and certainly no Cary Grant.

A woman has been plaguing us for months, I’ve heard it was a part of a gang initiation. She jiggled door handles, stole wallets, cash, cell phones and jewelry. No John Robie.

One neighbor caught her on a floor where there are not cameras on the elevator lobby, counting “her” cash and smoking a cigarette.

Are people careless here? Yes. They assume that because there’s security 24/7 that they can take out the dog, or the trash, or recycling and go back upstairs and all will be well.

My husband was on the road a lot last year and I always double-check the front and back doors, stove, oven and good to go to sleep. Lately I’ve been hiding my wallet and new cell phone at night.

The security service that does sometimes 2nd and always 3rd (graveyard) shift caught the thief at another building where they have a presence. We had her photo and fingerprints and she was in police custody in moments.

Thank you, Security, for me feeling safer living here. I no longer have to hide my passport, wallet, cell phone and jewelry from a thief. Let’s hope the people she robbed here will testify against her and she’ll go away for a while and from here forever.




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