The Cow Jumped

over the Moon ….. and the dish ran away with the spoon. That’s what kind of morning it has been, a planet near a crescent moon in a clear sky. It reminds me of the childrens’ poem.

Wind is an issue here. At 5:08 a.m. the first plane came in to land at the airport. It headed straight for our windows and my heart always clutches for 9/11 but don’t want to awaken husband and dog for nothing, as there’s no way we’d get out in time. My bargain with death.

At the last moment the plane banks and heads south 20 miles to land safely. I’ve joked with my husband that I’d hate to be an air traffic controller here because the wind changes every couple of minutes so the planes have to plot a new course to land.

It’s no wonder the wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald is down in that lake somewhere. Many other fine ships as well. I salute the Coast Guard for keeping boaters safe, and air traffic controllers for excellent work as well. Wishing you a productive day. I’m cleaning up after the holidays, storage and cleaning frig and freezer. Fun! Wow! Cheers from Dee

ps There are blue lights atop our place. Fellow dog owners we meet in the neighborhood opine that we’ve a top secret club and/or huge hot tub. If we do, it’s news to me. It’s to keep us from being hit by terrorist-driven aircraft. D



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