The pup I cared for yesterday, and my husband, display similar qualities and differences. First I must say that several hours with the pup sent me to nap from dinner-time until 1:00 in the morning! I laid down for a few minutes, my husband came in and placed a blanket over me and I crashed for hours.

He also is perfecting spaghetti with meat sauce. Yes, this from a guy who can’t make a grilled cheese sandwich. It’s pasta from a box, good sauce from a jar and lately summer sausage, He is called the Human Tornado because of the mess he makes everywhere he goes. But after puppy terror he learned to do the dishes, wipe up, and even run the dishwasher, first time in 14 years! Thanks, pup!

I do have great hopes for Mr. H, the pup. He has potential to be a fantastic dog if his folks take a firm hand and turn his headstrong nature to learning and being useful. One year our old Zoe was barking at a female parking attendant below our loft. We got her a backpack and my husband had it tailored for her unique frame. Then we loaded it with 8 oz. water bottles and walked out to the parking lot attendant and gave her a bottle of water. Three days in a row. Zoe never barked at her again. She is a herder. We gave her a job.

Learning from errors. Hard-headedness has its place, so does the ability to learn new ways and learn from mistakes. He ruined my new sweater. Can I take these teeny bandages off the needle-teeth marks now? H is going to be nearly twice the size of Zoe, who is now her “great Aunt,” and needs a firm hand (leash control and responding to NO) and training so he doesn’t pull his owners around the block when he’s 50 lbs.

That’s all from Camp Dee, Canine Station 101. Dee

ps Thanks to the miracle workers at Nature’s Miracle. No, they don’t give me anything but are wonderful for occasional pet clean-ups. I only use it on the bed for Zoe every couple of years when she eats something icky from the sidewalk, but five pees in four hours was amazing as H kept looking at where he’d gone before and couldn’t smell it. Perhaps he was just marking territory and I kept erasing it……


2 responses to “Headstrong

  1. My husband the physicist found a crochet hook for $1.49 and mostly fixed the new sweater. Now it has character, as does he. Let’s thank his mother, M, as she taught him well. There is a reason we bought her a 1957 Necci (Italian) metal sewing machine a couple of years ago. They raised two wonderful men. Thank you for my husband and brother. Dee

  2. Camp D and Zoe give a thumbs up to Mr. H, who is nearly a year old and not growing in body but in fur! He got his summer cut, is gorgeous and very well-behaved. We may soon have more dogs than people here and I hope our Zoe will be able to retire from being the only dog, and become the Grand Dame and Snoopervisor of the newbies that will “police” our space. Dee

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