Is There Another In Me?

A pup, that is. Can I raise another? Today I answered a neighbor’s challenge and his pup is in my care for a few hours.

My near 12-year (dog years, in people’s she’s a great-aunt) Zoe was very kind with H, nosing him when she needed to do so  and putting a paw down on him to put him in his place. No teeth, no barking. Especially good great-aunt behavior as the pup’s needle teeth are loosening and he likes to bite on hands and arms. Mine. He also barks and does not like to be told “no.” No is a “tch” with a finger that he then tries to bite. He also chewed my Zoe’s leash. No harm, no foul.

I’ve worked with shelter animals for over 20 years. Today I got H and Zoe to a comfortable place. H peed twice in our place. Finally Zoe and H came to an agreement and they both snored away for at least an hour. Shhhhh, they’re still snoring. Let’s leave them be.

H’s pet sitter will be here soon and will re-crate him. Today he peed twice outdoors, twice indoors (I’ve the magic stuff that gets rid of stains and smells). He is sleeping inside by our balcony so he can see out the windows.

I don’t know. Between peeing and teething I don’t know if I can go through it again, especially as our 12 year-old has several years to live and I would not bring in a pup while she depends upon and herds us 24/7.

We’ll see after I get the bandages off my hands and arms! Exaggeration and elimination and eating difficulties. Puppy then dog 101. Extensive training ,food, vet bills. It’s a conundrum. I’m bleeding from his puppy teeth as he does not take no for an answer. No corporal punishment, just a firm “NO” or a Cesar “tccch” that primed him to go after me.

He tried to eat four of my shoes. One of each so four pair would be ruined.

Now H’s parents want info on pups. They’re newlyweds and have read some about breeds and training and they got a good pup. They just have to turn the pup into a great dog. He holds promise. Cheers, Dee

ps H just peed twice more in the house. Three now, one on the welcome mat. He’s going home soon. He went on my den’s carpet. Not a good thing to do to Aunt Dee.  Yes, now he wants to sleep in my office five feet from where he just peed. Go figure. He got his teeth into and ripped my brand new sweater. He swam in Zoe’s water bowl. I saw both his front paws in there.

Part of me says no. Part of me says yes, that when Zoe is gone, I’ll still be able to take a pup out 8X per day, feed her 3X per day, train her (I have male cats, female dogs). Now it’s time to prepare dinner, after taking the bandages off my hands and arms from  puppy needle teeth. He’ll be a tough one to train as he doesn’t take no for an answer. Here’s to newlyweds and puppyhood! Dee




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