Rosemary Clooney

One of my favorite movies these days is Monuments Men. George Clooney directed. I had an album of his Aunt Rosemary’s as a kid because I loved her voice. Mom let me take an album of Rosemary’s to school for show and tell in grade school, only after placing masking tape with my name on it over the briefest hint of cleavage.

In the movie, Bob Balaban took over the microphone and phonograph and played “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” to Bill Murray. With all that was going on over there it was probably a home version that really hit home. I have to cry over a song once over the holidays.

Hit and miss. Oh, George, I love White Christmas as well. Celebrating the season (taking the western theme off the front door, both sides and adding jingle bell wreaths) the holidays always remind me of important people that are no longer able to join us. Tommy died of a brain tumor and no-one told us. They just said he was away. Rick was beaten to death by off-duty cops at age 17. Favorite priests Fr. Cap and Fr. John. Mom has been gone seven years now and my Godmother Aunt J ten years.

Have yourself a merry little Christmas, I do. I think of people here and memories of those who are not here. We do not do presents, just consider the people we know and remember are part of the day. Thank you Buck and Jim (West Point vs Annapolis), I’ll visit you soon. Tell ya’ what, I’ll bring a bottle of wine to each grave site that you used to wager every year on the Army/Navy game. Dee



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