A Menorah

Our neighbor showed up with a Menorah today, donating it to a facility that until recently did not accept Jews.

I don’t do anything halfway, if it’s one of my 3:00 a.m. wake-up ideas I go with it and make sure it makes a lot of sense and a lot of money for the future, not just the event. It has to do 3-5 mission-critical items for the organization.

Kids for kids. Buy out the house. Donations (free entry with something on the list of a local charity, juice boxes, snacks et al). We did a tree with tagboard ornaments by local kids, and gingerbread people from supermarket bags sewn by talented volunteers decorated by local kids at the charity we were befriending.

The tree and ads were donated. I looked into a menorah but it was a theater so the Fire Department did not wish for someone to yell “FIRE” in a crowded theater. The donor was Jewish. She said “Don’t worry, I’ll find an electric one.” Really? CW came through.

We had a full house for three performances and a menorah, tree and Kwanzaa all out in the lobby for all to see. I didn’t save a gingerbread person, but have three special tagboard ornaments I use every year, memories and the knowledge that I help save a moribund institution by rejuvenating their youth education program and helping them to prosper through audience and student development.

Plus, I got to tell my neighbor the story as he donated his electric menorah. Years ago, the Youth Director was very pleased, as were the young actors and they all signed a program for me that is framed in our home and dedicated to very special folks.

I like good stories that bring people together. Happy holidays, Dee


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