Pen and Paper

Everyone loves my Dad. He’s the one who was called on every night to play softball or touch football and everyone got to play, the baby from down the street was carried to the goal or home base.

He gave me paper today. I don’t know who packed it but as of 11 when I “last chanced” the dog it was there on my doorstep. It took me 1/2 hour to get to it. Four lovely bottles of wine, for my birthday. It is so kind of you to do so, Dad. He also sent me Italian olive oil and soaps.

Hey, Dad, I took a box cutter after I lifted the interior case out of the exterior. It took me 1/2 hour to get through the tape! You have gifted boxers. Luckily I am one as well. Apparently not as well as yours as I can undo my moving boxes with a cutter in ten seconds.

Today I received my first fountain pen. I had to work through paper and instructions and it works. It really works and does not stain as yet, and I’d love to use it for some personal letters to be sent by mail.  Isn’t that quaint. Not if you’re my Aunt, the English teacher. Luckily we moved before I had her in 9th grade for Romeo and Juliet. Thanks to Aunt L, that’s one of my favorite plays. She still will not use the Internet. I have had the original 1957 portable electric Smith-Corona typewriter since high school graduation and will not let it go so simply take the heaviest “laptop” in the world everywhere. Write, Dee

I love the family thing and have all my life, just thought being in her class would be strange. Cheers from Dee


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