Ah, that dog. He is so smart. They needed to give him away and no-one wanted him because he was too smart. So he kept on tending the goats and cattle for a while.

Then one day someone wanted him. Then they said he wasn’t smart enough. Years of experience and excellence in the field and they say he doesn’t have the chops to deal with a new herd. He begs to differ with that opinion. Yes, this dog has opinions, he’s my neighbor and I know him well. We’ll see what happens.

Of course I’ll miss him on another farm but will wish him well as he meets other challenges. That’s what life is, a series of challenges. Life, health, work. We do our best and become experts. We have a Zoe dog, who has traveled nearly everywhere with us and adapted to new lifestyles.

We’re in a high-rise at present and guarding me is boring so Zoe guards the entire floor. A new pup moved in a couple of weeks ago and he’s clueless. She knows when he’s old enough they’re going to have a showdown and divide the floor. She’ll lose half her territory. She must keep our neighbors across the way. Their grandkids come by a few weekends per year and whisper her name at the door until she hears them and barks to come out and play or go for a walk or help us make parfaits for their family. I don’t know about the kids but Zoe is exhausted after a weekend with these kids.

Rusty loves new things as well, and excels at challenges, revels in them. You should have seen him with his first two goats, who were a bit weak so needed strong names. I named them after strong women. He is smart, a protector, a savior, a problem-solver and someone who knows the bottom line. Dee


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