Kids and Thanksgiving

Get some cheap plastic wine glasses for the kids. Add a box of graham crackers, a plastic zip-top bag, also a quart of vanilla Greek yogurt and a bunch of berries.

The kids slam the graham graham crackers inside the sealed air-tight bag. I like irregular pieces, whatever they want. The girls tend to roll, the boys use the rolling pin like a baseball bat. Our neighbors’ grandkids loved coming over to do this as a surprise for their parents and grandparents last summer. Yes, grands C and A do tend to hover at our door and whisper Zoe’s name so our old dog will come out to play or go for a walk. I figured they could make a gift for their parents and grandparents. Dessert.

Cracker crumbs, yogurt, berries. Layer. The plastic cup lets a kid know his or her composition and watch as it gets to the top.  I am hoping that one of the teens will teach her young cousins how to do this and make it fun for them.  If each little one does two, it’ll make a great dessert.

We love kids and Thanksgiving. The young cousin I’m targeting to teach the little ones will know what to do. I’m sure of it. Happy Thanksgiving! Dee


One response to “Kids and Thanksgiving

  1. I taught the older kids. One just married recently. Now the younger ones can teach the little ones. I’ve been with my husband’s family for 14 years. I taught, now they teach. I think that’s time well spent.

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