Trip Advisor and Acropolis

I am a descendent of Pericles, founder of the Acropolis in Athens, Greece in 400 b.c. A visitor many times, you will not publish my reviews because Pericles was in my family.

The Parthenon, Propylaiea, Erectheion and Temple Athena Nike are to be demolished for a condo complex that will stand above ancient Greece. We must stop this demolition and condo complex. Please hear my words fellow humble visitor servant.

Would you still deny my review if a relative was involved? Kalinichta, Dee

ps This is NOT TRUE, just a lesson to a tiger that has changed its stripes. It milked us for data then used it and is throwing us away. I was a “top contributor.” Now “level six.” History has meaning as well, and does sway tourism. I like to be on the correct side of history, honoring it.


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