The Birthday Menu

For breakfast it’s simple. Bacon and eggs for my husband. Toast and jam, either apricot or fig.

Lunch is up to him.

Dinner is grilled pork tenderloins marinated in grainy mustard and dark beer from breakfast to dinner. Greens plus a corn and chorizo custard. I changed that. Sauteed yellow and green squash, and scalloped potatoes. I knew he’d like that better.

Chocolate Therapy ice cream is my birthday present. Dee

ps He bought me roses.

pps Then I got to clean hand-wash dishes and load the dishwasher fully. It was broken. Still is, after nearly two days. Ten at night, dog is out, I’m still cleaning up but about to sleep. It’s my birthday. I’m not going to clean every dish in the dishwasher because it’s broken. It will be fixed or replaced. I will see to it. Dee


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