Yes, today is mine. No. Please do not ask a woman her age. My husband and I plan to share a pint of chocolate therapy ice cream to mark the occasion.

There are gifts from everywhere. Years ago I got a fantastic cast iron pan from his mom and last week he bought me two covers for the handle so I don’t burn myself.

Dad sent me two of my favorite things, Italian soap and olive oil. The soap is orange and saffron. It smells divine. Reminds me of the Church of Soap that is my most visited piece on TripAdvisor.

I’m thinking of other birthdays. Mom’s been gone seven years now, God rest her soul. She always made a chocolate torte with almond cakes and two frostings. We always asked for it for birthdays. No-one has the recipe now. I remember it was printed on an IBM Selectric with green ink on special paper.

My husband and I think outside the box. We do not celebrate occasions, just drop by with a rose and I’ll put it in a vase you gave me years ago. Just like I know when to hold his hand walking the dog.

Good things are happening today. Cheers! Dee

p.s. If we have the chance I’d love to go to Italy for my birthday. I want to work with and teach my husband how to cook, so he can marry again after I’m gone.

pps Dad is sending me some really good wine. Great birthday gift! Private vineyards. That’s the second half of my present. I am present, sentient and still do causes. d


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