TripAdvisor Nightmare

I now have 87 K readers. Thank you.

Pure? Forgive me for laughing. I write pure reviews that after hundreds are accepted and I’m sent a tote bag as a Top Contributor you will allow a building in which I sang and won 2nd in a state championship be demolished even though it has been designated a National Historic Landmark. That concert was fifty years ago and I’m not allowed to ask people to attend this Institution and see it before it is demolished in the next few months. If I can’t write a review after fifty years what is the point of Trip Advisor. I went there. I sang. Won 2nd place. Love the amphiteater. What is wrong here is you, not me.

Not much thanks going for you today, Aldo. There is something that speaks to the people of Chautauqua, I tried to convey it to you. You would not publish it even though I asked people to visit. This weekend they choose a company to demolish the heart of this institution and you are allowing it to happen over the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the NYS historic trust. I hope that sits well with you, your conscience, as it does not with mine. Denying my post is an insult to me as a top contributor, as a person and as a conservationist.

Your request to TripAdvisor Support (1378496) has been updated with the comments below. To add additional comments, please reply to this email.

TripAdvisor Content Integrity (Aldo) (TripAdvisor Support)

Oct 1, 1:54 AM


Thank you for contacting TripAdvisor.

It appears that your review has been caught up in our automatic filters, which set aside content that we feel might require special attention. Unfortunately, I cannot go into detail about what triggered the removal, nor can I publish your post.

At this point, you may wish to review our guidelines for traveler reviews:

We apologize for the inconvenience, but hope that you can appreciate that TripAdvisor works hard to ensure that the information on our site is unbiased and pure.

Best Regards,

TripAdvisor Content Integrity

TripAdvisor Support (TripAdvisor Support)

Sep 29, 11:08 PM

memberid: 1116843
topic: Reviews – Questions about guidelines
comments: I have a serious problem about what you call your denial of my review of Chautauqua Institution ID#: 314145900.

The IRS statute of limitations is seven years. Yours seems to be over forty years. As you will not answer my requests they are now placed in a larger format outside your purview.

Non-profits are different than restaurants and hotels. Change your guidelines. It’s not families helping the family business, it’s familes who are no longer there and haven’t been for decades and want the organization to succeed. There are no profits, no stocks. It’s a dream we all had, I’ve had for fifty years and I wrote a nice piece asking people to visit and you said to this Top Contributor or “level six” a big NO. Please reconsider. I’m trashing your denial of your review and have 80,000 readers of my own and more coming. The troops are coming in and TripAdvisor better prepare. Thank you for your kind consideration of this request.

It’s simple. You are allowing a property designated by the National Trust for Historic Preservation to be destroyed. Thanks.


One response to “TripAdvisor Nightmare

  1. They did not choose to demolish the Amphiteater this weekend because the contractor’s rates raised by millions. Now they need to raise at least ten million more to tear down this historic structure.

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