Epicurious and Epicuriouser

They won’t let me write a great review of a recipe! I changed my password and everything and they won’t let me be a part of the club I loved when it was Gourmet magazine et al.

Mom started getting Gourmet in the ’70’s and I read it. She went from Campbells cream of mushroom soup to souffles. Unfortunately after a gorgeous cheese souffle with salad my father asked “when’s dinner?” Oops.

For a couple of years I’ve made this corn and chorizo custard. I make my own version, no sugar, change in corn meal et al. It was STOLEN!

I gave some to the maintenance guys a couple of years ago. J called it “corn quiche.” When he left for a promotion and new locale I made him one as a going-away gift. The new guy T was staying in his place and ate the last piece thinking J was gone. Wrong. T was in deep doo doo.

T has treated us well and loves the corn custard so I’m making one for tomorrow, my birthday. I’ll give him a slice. He deserves it. Cheers! Dee


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