Thank you Ireland for reading this! ‘Tis an honor from a great-granddaughter of a wonderful woman from County Clare. To Deirdre of the Sorrows.

Over the years as one hopefully grows wiser, one reads things into what is going on. I’ve two dogs at the moment who are well-fed and comfortable but they salivate at squirrels. The “SQ’s” as we call them, are brazen these days. I take out tufts of my dog’s undercoat daily outdoors so that the birds and SQ’s can use them to warm their nest. Why she’s shedding so much when the weather’s getting cold is a mystery.

Geese have been flying around a lot and they stay the winter. Ducks may already be in warmer climes. I really do not know where the seagulls go. There is a barge (there haven’t been many lately because the sea has been angry). There are no small craft. Thank you US Coast Guard! The daily transport is done and the schooner is gone. Now they’ll take the flag that tells me where the wind is blowing.

With high winds, when all the leaves are off the trees, one must look at the water and project wind direction, not speed. One learns these things if patient and observant. Why they have to take down the flag for winter is beyond me. Perhaps no-one wants to be out there in the cold for raising and lowering. Yes, I know flag law. Raise briskly and lower ceremoniously.

Based on the randiness of the girls (dogs Great Grandma Zoe and Miss L) I think I need to find hats and gloves and make sure the zipper works better on my down jacket. The dogs love this late Fall weather. SQ’s are only a part of it.

It’s Friday. My husband is coming home. I’m going to try to make matzoh ball soup for lunch and a pot roast with caramelized onions and crushed tomatoes and beef base for dinner. Over pappardelle. As Scarlett O’Hara would say, “tomorrow is another day.” All for now at 5:13 a.m. Dee


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