It’s OK in a human who might find himself/herself in a pickle, like a murder of passion or robbery or such.

To see a dog not come to the door to greet me when I return with nice-smelling groceries is an affront to me, as they are the most transparent creatures. We’ve had our dog Zoe nearly 12 years and she’s never lied. If she needs to go out, she needs to go out. Is she sneaky? Yes. She got an entire aged steak off our counter, but to her credit it was good for this hipless wonder to stretch her new legs for the first time and she was licking her paws, letting us know she stole it. All we could do is laugh.

This is our guest, Miss L. She wouldn’t come see me and stayed away from me. She pooped in my office. Easy to clean. Came right up and I cleaned the carpet with the doggie magic stuff. I took her out alone for a long walk to go last night and she did. She wouldn’t go this morning even though Zoe did and I praised Zoe in front of Miss L. We walked for a while and she still wouldn’t go. She couldn’t help what she did while I was gone running errands for 30 minutes.

I feel really bad for Miss L because she’s not even near me now and she and Zoe never leave my side. She’s exiled herself to the living room (on Zoe’s bed) so I think we need to go for a quick walk to snap her out of this. When I found the poop I found L, and told her she’s not in trouble. We can deal with this. People and their pets don’t call me Aunt Dee for nothing! Cheers, Dee


One response to “Shame

  1. My husband came home from out of town. He was in the bathroom and Miss L peed on the carpet entering our bedroom. Yes, I cleaned it right up. They’ve been out once early in the rain and neither liked it. I let them go quickly, dried them off, fed them and now am on my way for a real walk. Let’s hope no “accidents” today.

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