Now it’s quadruplets! Two new pups are here on site, along with the Silken Windhound just visiting and I’m sure the other neighbors who don’t really like dogs will enjoy us hanging out in the hall. Not.

Even if Great great grandma Zoe (80 in people years) is out there to snoopervise. Our young newlywed neighbors finally came outside, with a pup they got yesterday. Another neighbor got the same breed the other day so they’ll play together once they’ve had all their shots, for sure.

I bet on them as I heard a dog barking the other day, no money but I was correct in that they’ve a new pup. Let’s see, dog, baby, house in the suburbs, never to be heard from again. That’s the future. I don’t know what you’d call us. Most would say empty nesters but my husband would say I’m a nester. We have a dog.

While they’re here they may let Great great aunt Zoe and Miss L join in the play. I love new life, new love. And when newlyweds take on a long-term responsibility other than their lives together, I consider that a good sign for their future. To dognaciousness once again, Dee


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