A Stitch, In Time

This is dedicated to the Oban, Scotland knitters.

First time, early with the dogs we went out in the rain. I wore a very hefty down jacket and a polar-tec vest. It was warm and wet. I dried off the dogs and fed them separately.

Then while the jacket and vest were hung to dry I knew the weather was warmer today so I took out my Oban cardigan and it kept me dry. It is made of special wool with lanolin, due to the sheep, that keeps fishermen dry at sea. It is made by special ladies who weave stories into their sweaters.

I’d love to know all the stories, they’re all about lives at sea. Fifty years ago my mother knitted me a fisherman’s sweater and it has been passed down for generations. My aunt can have a conversation without looking at what she is knitting, either a cap or booties for a preemie at the hospital I first went to for tests or a lap blanket for the local retirement home.

These are all stitches in time, over time. Thank you, knitters. Thanks PDX! Cheers, Dee


4 responses to “A Stitch, In Time

  1. Windy and rainy here, and time to get out my favorite sweater! I knit it 27 years ago while my baby napped. Still a great sweater. And a great kid!

    • And your “baby” is doing well, of that I’m sure. Cold and rainy, squirrels are brazen and let the dogs get within five feet desparate for winter food. Few barges, no small craft. Transport across the lake is over. Now they’re going to take down the flag at the beach. Why? When the lake freezes over and there are no leaves on the trees I can’t tell wind. The County is trying to save $50 on a flag? I’ve paid that many times over in taxes.

  2. I’d love to see a picture of your sweater, by the way.

  3. I’m trying…. Not good at this. They want me to buy something to place it on my blog. I don’t make a nickel on this blog and spend valuable time on it so have sent you the sweater photo separately. I’ve worn Pippi once this year but it’s warmed up before a chilly winter so will wear it again soon. Thanks!

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