The Dynamic Duo

I’ve a new name for our repeat canine guest, Miss L, and our Zoe. Sighthound and Chowhound. Yesterday I split a jerkey treat L’s “mom” brought over and Zoe ate it in 30 seconds. L delicately held it in her paws and spent nearly eight minutes on it.

Mom bought me (not the other kids as I was the eldest and an example) multiple etiquette books and made me learn how to set tables, fold napkins and walk with a dictionary on my head. I also had to take ballet, piano and violin lessons. Come Spring I’d take off my shoes and go barefoot down cliffs to a creek and catch crayfish and the neighbor boys would throw snakes at us, me and my little sister.

The first night with guest L, she slept on our bed with her spine against my legs all night. Zoe slept on her cushy bed on the floor. Last night it reversed. But we were watching a show last night on an L-shaped sofa. I was in the middle. They were sound asleep in the same position on either side of me, each with their head on a down pillow. Sisters of a sort, though mine is 80 in people years and L is about 15.

Our walks have been eventful. Luckily both girls have the same Martingale collars and leather leashes so other dogs have not been that big an issue. Winter is on its way so the squirrels are brazen and stand five feet away before jumping up a tree. I had to take them separately for “last chance” last night because Zoe only needed a quick one, L needed a good walk.

Indoors, they chase or play keep-away with Zoe’s favorite toy, or they play-fight with fake growls and running.Then they settle down after 10-15 minutes together and sleep.

It takes Zoe under two minutes to eat her food then I place her and her water in another room. It’s taking Miss L nearly 15 minutes now, to eat her dinner. She is so delicate. Well, not that much as she likes to pick it up, drop it on the floor then eat it. That’s why I’ve a bath mat under her water and food dishes!

Miss L is dressing up for Halloween. Her mom’s flying home to dress her and promised to bring her by for admiration and a treat. I think she has a handmade costume to be fitted. Something about a creature with eight arms……

As soon as I moved to my office at 6 a.m. they awakened and are awaiting a walk. I just have to check the temp and wind and dress appropriately and we’ll go. Here’s to a dognacious day. Dee


One response to “The Dynamic Duo

  1. Zoe doesn’t wear clothes, except for very nice and useful silk Martingale collars, which she learned about from the fashion-conscious Miss L. OK, once I got her a red and green velvet jingle bell collar. She hated it so I gave it away.L just got five burrs on her and couldn’t concentrate on doing her business. I just combed them both out having taken care of L mostly in the field. She was only three feet from me but there were so many leaves on the ground I couldn’t see the hazard. All OK now, they look great and Zoe’s lost about three dogs worth of undercoat.

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