AT&T Cell Phone “Security”

Yesterday a stalker called AT&T, a provider we’ve had for years, and told them both our phones were lost. That was untrue, but AT&T suspended our service.

It took me four hours to work this out online and on others’ land lines. Then, after four hours AT&T told me a new password to use. They then told me that while I am on the account I am not the account holder so cannot protect us from further theft of service on our dime.

So, let’s get this straight. I give a guy a bad review for kicking me out of his daddy’s auto shop. He cuts off our phones, and “just the wife” who pays the bills is unable to change the password, even though there’s a death threat and after-hours motorcyle club a few hundred yards away.

Add to that, Security couldn’t talk to me after waiting 1/2 hour. They had a noise complaint that was more pressing than bikers coming here to kill me and Zoe. What will they think of the noise with bikers next door until all hours?

There are four things I hear from upstairs. Sirens, screeching brakes, blaring horns (a favorite thing to do here) and motorcycles. Talk about noise violations.

Verizon and a different home are looking better every day. Dee


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