My life was threatened today. Someone told our phone provider our phones were lost so there was no service but we still have to pay the bill. I don’t have a land line and my husband is out of town. It took me hours to take care of this.

The thief  is a mechanic down the road who’s father has done work for us for years but now he’s kicking women out of the shop. His fellow mechanics around town say he bragged about kicking me out for no reason, so he could have an after-hours biker bar. I gave him a bad review not for former car service, but for current customer service.

Next he messed with my computer. I went downstairs to tell the guard while he dealt with other issues. Finally it was my turn to have a minute. He got a noise call and that was a priority over a motorcycle gang trying to get in here to kill me.

Noise. Do you know what we pay to live here? Death. On a scale of 1-10 I’d probably but death at the top. But here, noise complaints are more important.

Yeah, that’s where we live. Or die. This will be on record tomorrow if I’m dead, and Zoe is dead. She won’t get to meet Peggy’s grand-daughters. I won’t get to see my husband ever again.

But no-one cares, because there’s a noise complaint and that comes first according to the rules. Hey, they’re not my rules. I just pay to live here and hope to have a safe and happy life. If it ends tonight, it was a good one. I love my husband, dog and our families and friends.

Cheers, Dee


4 responses to “Priorities

  1. I am worried. May God bless and protect you! I forbid any harm on you or any of your loved ones.

  2. If noise complaints are such a big issue, why allow an after-hours biker bar next door? They’ll come here, drunk, on their bikes at 4 a.m. to hunt me down because of a bad review.

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