I cannot sleep. My husband and dog are snoring and dreaming the night away and I’ll bet dog Zoe has my pillows by now.

Family is so important. It is good to have mine together for a few days. Poems, prayers and promises is what it’s all about.

I’ve recently seen documentaries about the great Glen Campbell, and the late great John Denver and Johnny Cash. I grew up with these songs, from the north, and didn’t appreciate them until later years. Johnny Cash, Peter Paul and Mary, Bob Dylan taught me basic guitar.

I wake with a song in my mind every morning that I sing to myself while I prepare to take Zoe outside. This morning as I prepared for my husband’s return it was PPM’s “Stewball” was a racehorse, I wish that he were mine…..

My mother, dead seven years now, said I always liked dirges, which is why I loved folk music and rock that evoked it (Dave Mason) and lyrics. My challenge with the guitar these days is keeping it hydrated. Then I like to find lyrics and work my way through a song without musical notations.

Joan Baez, I love you but your chords are outside my repertoire and I haven’t taken private lessons for years. All I wanted to do is sing for my family and even Beatles Rock Band is in storage along with my keyboard.

Wake up and sing! Sometimes my husband sings something silly and it stays in my head for days. Invasive! I know. Welcome the sleeping man and dog in my bedroom. It’s always great to have family together. Cheers! Dee


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