Little Things

We got a few little things in the mail yesterday that may become big things. Life-changing things.

Dog Zoe tried to take over my side of the bed for nearly three hours so I’m up. I’m sure she’s on my pillows by now. She is trying to get used to my husband being away a few days per week. Then, she takes over his side and he tends to move his feet and touch her overnight so she jumps down, then whines to me to be lifted up again. Otis, I know. It kind of ruins my sleep pattern, if I have one.

I’m looking into ties and tie bars that will make a statement. I found one. I can’t tell you what it is but it pleased a physicist. Yes, my husband. I’d like to find some vintage ones but the reach over the tie is an issue. I’ll check on that.

We’ve also acted on some recent information and have gained fruition in that regard. No, I can’t tell you about that either. Great news is that he’s home and sleeping (with Zoe) and we’ve a bunch of things to do this weekend but sleep is the first issue so I’ll let him do so all morning if he needs it while I prepare dinner. Last night I ordered in great pizza.

I take out the dog, feed her, take care of the bills and a lot of other things. The master shower has a Do Not Enter sign on it. I wrote it, and never use it, it’s not big enough to wash my hair, and I’m not Rapunzel. I think mold grew while he was gone for months. Ick. I tried but now have to use more desperate measures. The hardware store sold me something the maids use. I have old Crocs and latex gloves but believe I need safety goggles before going in.

Husband says I’m pre-cleaning for the maids we plan to hire soon. It’s a family tradition, my side. His mother does it all, but he knows me and the P family too well! Cheers! Dee


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