Dream Home

Yes, we have my kitchen, which will feed us the rest of our lives and also family and friends.

Then we have electronics. I’m thinking building in for raised flooring for wiring. Now, I’ve got to get around this structural pole to raise or lower the shades, and make the bed. It hurts me to step on wires, electric conduits et al. If everything had under-floor access (and we moved somewhere without a structural pole 12″ from the bed, that would be good.

Let’s add that to the feature plan. But let’s go further. My cubby office, no wires. Cable TV, no wires. Kitchen with all significant equipment, no wires.

I’m glad architects are not seeing this site because I may design a fantastic ADA forever home and then they can see it. Dee

p.s. I’d like an off-set master bedroom. I do make the bed every day but if someone shows up early it may not be done yet. D


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