Just The Wife

I do the cooking around here and am about to start a wonderful stew my husband will love after a week out of state.

Every once in a while I try to imagine a forever home that we could always come back to and would be perfect for us. As we envision it bathrooms would all have hardware behind the walls to allow for easy installation of grab bars and doorways that work. It would be an ADA home with the possibility of installing a wheelchair ramp. I worked with the EPVA years ago and they and architects in NYC opened my eyes to possibilities.

It doesn’t matter how old we are, it’s planning for the future. Guest space upstairs or in a special unit I’m designing that will allow family a separate place with kitchen so we can see each other for family pursuits and allow separate time for sleep and sometimes lunch.

I would want a great kitchen, three bedrooms in a log cabin on a lake somewhere. One bedroom would be my husband’s office, and there would be a cubby right off the kitchen where I could work and hear if anything threatens to boil over on the stove. Of course I’d do all our paperwork from there so would need a way of storing files.

My kitchen is a classic triangle. Island. Galley-inspired as these are the most useful kitchens I’ve known. Frig, stove, oven (s), sink (s). I can get dinner ready a lot faster with my husband at another sink with a mini-frig to hold ice and Dr. Pepper! I’m thinking poured, stained concrete for floors and counters but would need a big gel mat on the floor for my feet as it’s hard and I never wear shoes in the house. Perhaps concrete for a special counter, wood for the floor.

Chest freezer in the heated garage to 40 degrees, garage and freezer, for dog food and other things. Commercial food sealer bags. No immersion circulator. Kitchen storage for my main components, 5Q Kitchenaid with meat grinder. Pasta maker (I’ve never used it). Blender, food processor, hot water heater for tea and oatmeal, toaster. Cubby can hold food and travel books and he has his office and we’re good to go.

A farmhouse sink, perhaps two. Maybe one sandstone? I’m getting ahead of myself. But I’m only the wife. Dee


5 responses to “Just The Wife

  1. We are working on all those things. Ramp is already in and SO much easier to walk than the steps. Wood floors are ready for sanding and staining,just need to get the walls finished first. Farmhouse sink, everywhere BUT the kitchen, just a standard double stainless there, much more serviceable without pot marks and chips from day to day kitchen use. Lots of grab bars in both bathrooms and lots of character from Grandma’s best days. There is a rub-board and clothespin bag, styled like a corset from a 1940s pattern, ready to hang in the laundry room, near the modern front loading washer and dryer. Lots of wiring in the walls but who will not have wireless in the near future? Just hook up a router or whatever and everything else will talk via blue tooth. Pardon the likely wrong terminology, grandma is NOT a tech geek.

  2. Nice!
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    • I know these machines are expensive in other countries and I’d suggest the company’s home web address, send it over and pay duty. I’ve had a 5 Qt. mixer for 28 years and it’s still going strong. I do not know anything about Indian import regulations so forgive me and thanks for reading.

  3. Thanks,
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