Cook Much?

I always keep a fresh French pop-up sponge on my kitchen sink for dishes. Two weeks later it went to floor spills then bathroom cleaning then litter box then trash. We cannot have cats so eliminate the litter box step.

Then I’ve an old dish scrubber and one small, very useful small plastic scraper. A couple of weeks ago I found part of the thin part of the scraper in between the sink and counter. We’ve a double undermount stainless sink under a granite countertop. I was concerned so asked someone to come in and look at it. T put a little weight on it and our sink was about to fall under the counter!

He got to it right away, silicone and wood underneath to hold up the sink for 24 hours. Most people don’t cook where we live. I’ve never seen more pizza or Chinese food or other deliveries anywhere. My husband and I like to eat lunch out on weekends but it’s pretty much been Dee cooking 19 meals, good ones, each week using this sink for several years.

Today, T was placing the final silicone coating on the inside of the sink between sink and granite, which I cannot get wet for 12 hours.

I remembered a trick from Hurricane Ike, years ago in Houston. I placed an X of moving tape across the sink to remind me to not use it!

During Ike, a Category 5 Hurricane that took out power, water, trees, and food supplies we had to make do. Luckily we had a hurricane kit.  Food and emergency supplies. Plus three hard-sided six gallon water containers and three plastic “blobs” at about five gallons apiece. We filled the blobs with potable water in the tub and luckily kept them there because they leaked!

Because we started out with so much potable water we made one of the six-gallon containers for potable water and the other two for flushing the toilet. Just like the current “X” over the kitchen sink, there were many marked masking tape x’s taped to the toilet and wall above it saying “do not flush.” And my husband did, every time. Methodical he is would say Yoda.

We had a 1.5 gallon tank, so four flushes per tank. Then he’d have to go down to the pool and lug up 53 lbs. of water. He still did it. I even added a sign that said what they used to tell us at camp as kids, “if it’s yellow let it mellow, if it’s brown, flush it down.” To no avail.

Tomorrow I’ll have a kitchen sink and it’s sturdy for our meals for another few years. Thanks, T, for bring to mind my Ike trick to use today. Cheers! Dee


One response to “Cook Much?

  1. I’m getting Chinese tonight. Why? Because I’ve tape over my sink and don’t plan to use it until tomorrow.

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