My husband came home after two weeks away at work and a family wedding far away. I’d poured him a glass of ice water and our dog was going nuts so after I checked that his plane landed, we went to wait for him while my stew was cooking.

He wanted Dr. Pepper but I gave him water. We both fell asleep, head to head, on our L-shaped sofa and I awakened him at 11:00 and we went to bed, at the dog’s suggestion, request, demand.

I’ve been up for a couple of hours, he likes the view but can’t see it through his eyelids so he didn’t even stop snoring when I awoke and put down the blinds so he, they, could sleep through the morning sun.

After two weeks on the road he is so tired, and being home and sleeping in his own bed is treasured so I want to take care of the dog, let him sleep the morning away and spend a long weekend with him, quiet or about town.

The stew was good, not great. My stove went from too much to too little flame. I’m hesitant to put these pans with silicone handles in the oven even at at 300 or 325. Three hours and it was getting tender. Now I’ve another meal with stew I can cook for another hour, and pappardelle noodles I can cook on the stove. It tastes great, just needs to be pull-apart tender.

I also have good bread, soppressata and cheese to do a picnic. Out in the park, away from the coyotes (yes, they’ve been threatening dogs lately). Packs of them. Not human coyotes, animals who are hungry and looking to ambush dogs. They don’t seem to be afraid of their owners, either, only backing away about 5′. My dog is 80 in people years. I will not subject either of us to that type of threat.

Anyway, my husband didn’t even hear the clanking of the blinds. May they sleep well, peacefully. I know Zoe is happy to have him home. Dee


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