I’ve learned Kottsbullar from my neighbor, Swedish meatballs. Now I want to make gravlax on my own and give them some to taste. Both my next-door neighbors are Swedes. Go figure.

First I have to finish cleaning out the frig so I can place an entire tray in there with weights for 48 hours. And I have to do it when my husband is out of town because he is deathly allergic to fish and can’t even smell it.

I would like to make enough for girls’ night in, movie night, and for our two Swedish neighbors to give me feedback on what I can do better next time. Looking towards salmony-ness soon. Dee

ps When I make hors d’oeuvres for guests if it has nuts, I’ll put a nut on top. Anchovies, same. Fish, roe or something fishy if it’s fish. If it’s a small dinner party I suss out the allergies and dislikes. No broccoli? OK. Larger get-togethers, is’s better to “label” with ingredients. D


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