Kindness and Compassion

While I await my husband’s plane to arrive home (no it is not a private plane) in a few moments I think of the things people do every day to make a day better.

My neighbor took me to the film festival the other day because his wife didn’t feel up to it and asked him to take me.

My husband has been eating restaurant food for weeks so I am cooking his favorite stew.

T, who works for us and always busts my chops, gave me a repreive from keeping me away from my kitchen sink for another 24 hours as he knew my husband was coming home and I needed the sink to make the stew, do dishes, run the dishwasher. He never said anything, nor did I, so I’ll see him on Monday. Or Tuesday. I don’t know.

Every once in a while people suprise us with rare moments of grace and kindness. Savor those moments. Dee


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