When I used the “loo” at my Aunt L’s home I had to look up a new word in the dictionary, spell it, define it and use it in a sentence.

A young family member got married last weekend and I think of words. They are used in a marriage ceremony, and every day at home and work and at the grocery store.

My miracle is that we do not need words. He knows when to take my hand, as he did on our first date. He knows what I need, I know what he needs and we do a lot of our public communication without words. To hold hands walking down a sidewalk we don’t even look at each other, just reach out at the same time. I am hoping the same for the newlyweds.

We do speak, but I wonder if we are no longer able to speak due to age or illness can we transfer thoughts to each other. We’re that close. I think we can do it. Whenever he’s home we hold hands and say we love each other every day. Yes, words. They have their place. Thank you Homer, Shakespeare, Austen, poets and wordsmiths everywhere for letting your thoughts inspire me to just take his arm across an icy street without a word or a glance. We just know. And he’ll know when to let me go. Dee


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