There is a girl who lost a grandfather not too long ago, and a young couple who took their vows yesterday. We wish them every happiness.

My husband was there on our behalf and he said the Bride looked beautiful. Of course she did! The guys were dressed in white shirts and jeans, probably cowboy boots but no hats. Groom added a vest.

My husband said all the gals looked great. Typical. He is a techie and not really good on descriptions of social events and I’m usually there so we can compare notes on the interesting people we met. No, we don’t talk about suits or dresses.

What I like to see is a new generation having faith in a life together, the vows we took 12 years ago. Congratulations!  With all best wishes for bride and groom and families for emotional support over the years. Dee

ps I had to practically run a marathon to gain entry into this family. Cousin’s new husband is sailing in on a wing and a prayer. We have a month to plan his hazing, Probably the worst is … I can’t tell you, it is a quiet mind game. Then we’ll see if he can make it through life with this side of the family.


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