Carbonnade for Our Guys and Gals

Hey military folks, here’s a way to “beef” up anything you have. Goat, whatever.

Four ingredients plus a little flour, salt and pepper and I love thyme in this. I’m nearly sixty. Can you recruit me to plant little gardens? No. You shouldn’t. You’ll have your own when you come home.

Beef in the style of a charcoal maker. Beef, onions, bacon and beer. Who could argue with that?

Saute the bacon, remove and leave the fat. Caramelize the onions, remove. Beef, coated in flour seasoned with salt and pepper. Drain the fat and keep it. Put in the beer and braise it for at least three hours. Stove top or 325 oven.

The idea is from northern France. Think Normandy and we won that war.

Does anyone like Texas chili? Like real chili, my riff on Lady Bird Johnson’s she served to JFK and 5,000 guests at their ranch outside of Austin in 1962. Texas chili has no beans. I’ll work on that one for you. Do you know it was the most requested document at the White House for a year? I may even be able to send you a copy of that document but I write better than being a techie.

Morale. Keep it up. You’ll be home with your loved ones soon. Dee


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