To Military Service Personnel

One of my first readers was an Army wife and all she could do was take care of the kids and think about her husband. Thank you for that education, Susan.

Now you’re over there, in harm’s way every day. I know you want to hear from your friends and families. What can I do to remind you of home before the end of your tour? If you all put your thoughts together and give them to the CO I’ll try to write anything to make you feel like you’re at home. I’m a cook and a writer. Nothing that would go against military code. No porn, swearing or sex. Unless it’s food porn as in pictures that make you want to love a dish. That’s OK.

So, Thanksgiving. It is a multi-day activity and it’s not even at my in-law’s home, that we fly or drive to. M makes brisket, potato rolls (gorgeous), iced tea for 60, Italian Cream Cake, and who knows what else. I can’t keep up with her.

I started out with a homemade boursin cheese, just room temp cream cheese with herbs and spices. Honey, I was going to Texas where I was the perpetrator of the War of Northern Aggression! There was food all lined up in the kitchen and after the Blessing we all stood in line. After dinner, I won’t tell you about the desserts today. There was no way a newbie was going to get a dish on the line.

The boursin and crackers went out onto the kitchen table. I learned the routine. Ladies prepped and cooked for days, gents watched The Game (Aggies/Tea Sippers) and we ladies did all the dishes then sat around the kitchen table and chatted a while before the second shift.

Of course that was after the game. We had leftovers with plastic plates, cups, and a few hours later we called it a night. The rule is that people who fly in don’t need to bring anything. I fly in and now contribute six dishes. I’ve space on the kitchen table for the ladies and kids and babies, and also have space on the dinner and dessert tables.

How to have dinner for 50 and love your family? Ask me, Dee.

You stay safe now. Keep reading as I bring you closer to home and your loved ones. If you’re nice to me I may even give recipes! Cheers, Dee


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