Thank you for serving our country. I went through boot camp once, five days being grilled by my mother-in-law, 45 minute interview with my new grandmother (I never got to know my own as they died before I was a year old).

Then there was 12 hours at my new Nanny’s playing with the kids and learning the rules and building a wall of multiple train tracks in a barn.

Don’t say I never went to boot camp. I was there with Margie. She told me how horrible her son was, so meticulous, this beast who she and I know is the greatest person in the world. Thanks, gunny.

Now, when I tell her he’s spent four months finding woodworking tools for our nephew and he’s taking over my kitchen prep space and driving me nuts she says “I told you,” that’s it. She did the classic CYA and now puts it in my face. Oh, I love her.

Margie and I have great cooking bouts that last for days. It is as if we went through boot camp together and it’s now a dance. She’s redone the kitchen and some things have been moved so my pirouettes have come up short from time to time until I find my way around. Get it, pirouette, dance twirl, around?

I don’t know what kind of equipment you have in the kitchen so will give you the basics.


Two 8-oz. packages cream cheese, room temperature, 3Tbsp butter, room temperature, fresh chopped or dried herbs and spices, salt and pepper to taste. Use a food processor, or a fork to mix if needed. Serve on crackers, bread or Texas Toast if you’ve made it.

There’s more tomorrow. Cheers! Dee


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