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was the word on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The first federal holiday I headed out with lawyers and legislative buddies and drove to D.C. where we went to the AME church and heard Coretta Scott King speak. We did other King-related activities but this was the epitome of King-dom. When we visited Memphis the Lorraine Motel was closed for renovation.

This Monday we stopped for lunch at a place that isn’t usually open on Sundays. We walked in not knowing what was going on. Police were all over the place and at the front desk all the signs were blocked by people.

It was a free lunch of a pulled pork sandwich, fries, applesauce and a soda. Ordered to cops, delivered by cops. Every nickel goes to Special Olympics. We were seated by a young woman with half an arm. She was special in every way, very kind.

In the end you run your card to “tip a cop” and ours was not in uniform so he’s high up on the food chain, cop-wise. We thanked the area police for this activity state-wide, as we were en route home though an ice storm our officer gave us his personal weather report and directed us to the highway without using local, unsalted roads.

Needless to say, we gave a very generous tip. I love that Eunice Kennedy Shriver created Special Olympics. Years ago I was a day volunteer for a Special Olympics bowling tournament out in California. My job was “cheerleader.” I was overwhelmed at the diligence and heart that went into the bowlers’ job.

Thank you, local police for doing this five years in a row on MLK Day, and thanks to the Texas Roadhouse for hosting. The food was good and the service, exceptional! Cheers, Dee




Thank you for serving our country. I went through boot camp once, five days being grilled by my mother-in-law, 45 minute interview with my new grandmother (I never got to know my own as they died before I was a year old).

Then there was 12 hours at my new Nanny’s playing with the kids and learning the rules and building a wall of multiple train tracks in a barn.

Don’t say I never went to boot camp. I was there with Margie. She told me how horrible her son was, so meticulous, this beast who she and I know is the greatest person in the world. Thanks, gunny.

Now, when I tell her he’s spent four months finding woodworking tools for our nephew and he’s taking over my kitchen prep space and driving me nuts she says “I told you,” that’s it. She did the classic CYA and now puts it in my face. Oh, I love her.

Margie and I have great cooking bouts that last for days. It is as if we went through boot camp together and it’s now a dance. She’s redone the kitchen and some things have been moved so my pirouettes have come up short from time to time until I find my way around. Get it, pirouette, dance twirl, around?

I don’t know what kind of equipment you have in the kitchen so will give you the basics.


Two 8-oz. packages cream cheese, room temperature, 3Tbsp butter, room temperature, fresh chopped or dried herbs and spices, salt and pepper to taste. Use a food processor, or a fork to mix if needed. Serve on crackers, bread or Texas Toast if you’ve made it.

There’s more tomorrow. Cheers! Dee


It’s late for that Hallmark day, I know. I’ve one mother-in-law and one adopted  grandmother to thank for one great accomplishment: their son and grandson; my husband.

I did send cards and we called, after church. As far as I’m concerned every day should be Mothers’ Day! Did you hear that, Zoe? Fetch. Dee

Neighbors and Otis

At seven yesterday morning I got quite a scare. My next-door neighbor I rarely see was returning from her daily morning walk and Zoe my dog and I were going out for ours. We stopped for a few seconds to say good morning/how are you.

Then Otis the Evil Elevator forced a hard close of the doors. I was inside with my arm holding the door and the other searching for the “door open” button. Zoe was in the hall.

At the last fraction of a second I tried to throw her leash into the hallway, knowing she’d be fine waiting two minutes for me to return while she sniffed our neighbors’ doorways.

The leash tightened then disappeared and I thought she broke her neck and died, apparently I yelled (I don’t remember) and know I burst into tears and four floors down trying to reverse the elevator a family entered, saw my distress and exited and said to go back up, they’d take another. They like Zoe, too.

Expecting to see my dog lying dead on the floor with a broken neck, instead I saw said neighbor K standing with Zoe at the end of the leash. I didn’t find out until last night what happened.

K heard me yell and rushed outside and first tried to get Zoe’s leash undone from the collar but knows little of dogs and how their leash apparatus works. So she pulled the leash as hard as she could and it came out of the elevator. She saved Zoe’s life and for that we thank her immensely. I’ve nurtured Zoe for ten years and would hate for ten seconds to end her life. Her neck seems fine, it’s not swollen or broken and she doesn’t seem to be in pain, thanks to K.

Zoe wrote a thank-you note to K (Dear Ms. K, Thank you for saving my life. Mom thought I was a goner. It’s great to have neighbors like you. Zoe) and sent me out to the new florist to get an arrangement. Currently we’ve no solid plans for July 4 weekend as pre-incident my husband was asked if we’d be around. K & J’s grandkids are coming into town and they talk about Zoe all year and take turns calling on her.

This year will be special. If it’s OK with their folks they can help feed and take her out, supervised of course, and my husband will twist extra balloons (without Zoe, the twisting and occasional popping freak her out) for them.

I addressed the issue of the “hard close” elevators because it could be an issue for elderly residents, young families with strollers and sleds or water gear, and those of us with elderly pets. No word as yet though I was asked if Zoe is OK. She seems to be so, but only because our neighbor saved her life.

Cheers to great neighbors! Farewell A, who moves today. Once she’s settled we’ll go to a certain museum together. Dee


Dog got me up at two this morning to have me lift her up to the bed. I tried to go back to sleep but couldn’t, having rested too much yesterday with an earache.

A few hours ago I saw the end of the most recent version of Little Women with Winona Ryder and Susan Sarandon.

At the end were credits for everyone who worked on the film. Not just the producers, director and actors but gaffers and catering service et al.

Don’t ask me at my age why every day is kids day and Mothers and Fathers days only come around once a year. Been there, heard that.

The producers employ everyone on a film and people are credited for their work. I’ve never been credited for my work with a decent raise or plaque or party. I organized all the work birthday parties and baby showers so there was never anyone around to do it for me.

Teachers, bosses, parents above all, please give them credit where credit is due. When I got an A++ my mother would say OK. When I got a 98 on a test the one-sided discussion was about why I didn’t get 100++.

The negativity and unwillingness to trust others in this country is amazing to me, as I come from farm country (never had a farm) and no-one ever locked their doors or cars and people were supposed to be open and honest.

Think of folks who got into the kind of  institutional “credit” people heaped upon homeowners who’ve been dealt their share of pain for dealing with these banks as that’s another story.

No money is needed for my “atta girl.” Just knowing that someone I love or work for believes in me and appreciates my work is plenty.

I went from being the new girl at our annual fest in my husband’s hometown to plate-clearer, dishwasher and maker of at least four dishes in 24 hours after flying in. The other women have worked hours and days before I arrived but no man watching “the Game” ever lifts a finger to help or says thank you to any of us.

Credit. Please tell your kid you’re glad she moved from a C to a B in Math. Or your son that you’re glad he was successful in helping a friend. Thank your parents, simply for being your parents and being there for you, and your friends.

Thank you for giving credit where credit is due. We often assign blame but do not appreciate the good things we have in life. Cheers, Dee



I would like to thank my extended family (especially AL and J) for giving me a great childhood and letting me explore. Also my husband’s extended family for providing love and support for our marriage for the past ten years.

Thanks to all the dear friends I have and had. For one who’s moved so many times it is always wonderful to still have friends from grade school, high school and college days.

As to cooking, I’d like to thank Betty Crocker for the Boys and Girls cookbook I got for my 8th birthday, because it led to cooking and Mom getting Gourmet magazine and I loved it, still do, well not Gourmet anymore because it went bust.

To the people who’ve hired me throughout my life, from gymnastic instructor at age 16 to consultant much later. To my teachers, from everywhere. My mentors started in 2nd grade with Mrs. Johnson and continued through Mr. B in algebra and Breezy, topped off by two dear friars. My music teachers were always inspirational, from Mrs. Smith to Mrs. P and Mrs. H and even now. They made me want to reach for the stars.

Thanks also to my dogs and cats for providing love and comfort. To the remarkable fellow volunteers who worked with me on many issues and made things happen.

Finally to my dear husband, who I was lucky to find, and him me.  But we came together by chance (I think it’s fate) and we’re best friends and love each other forever as soul mates.

Dear Santa:

What I want for Christmas is that you pass by our home and know that we don’t do presents so don’t want anything but a happy life together, with our dog Zoe.

If you do pass by a store, no, I can’t think of anything. My husband is even getting toilet paper through Amazon. Thank you, Santa, for all the gifts you’ve given since the day I was born. A family, friends, mentors… oh please let my father get through this latest cancer thing. Thanks so much. I hope I’ve been good this year. Holiday Cheers! Dee