No, we’re not. We’ve been here a while and may soon be ready for a forever home easy to fly or drive easily in and out.

I just wrote that a drawing my father got for me 25 years ago in a glass “uniframe” is the first thing I ever put on a wall. Now it will be his Tuscan Landscape. He took up painting at age 80. It has vibrant colors, is rustic and goes with my style of food, and Mom’s duvet cover, paisley and the same colors. As to food my rule is great ingredients, and don’t mess them up.

Now his painting will go over our bed, wherever we live, and it will be the first wall hanging we ever put up in the future.

Now as to moving. Uniform boxes. Do not get boxes from the grocery or convenience store. Books and heavy things go in small book boxes. They’re called that for a reason. Place books in a huge box and you’ll hurt your back and mess up the truck.

Buy boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, it’ll be the best $200 you ever spend. Buy the most expensive tape dispenser with the most expensive moving tape. Learn how to tape a box. Bottom seam, sides, turn over, fill, add paper or peanuts. Top, two people place in exact square/rectangle, two tiny tapes near seam on each end. Seam, both top ends. Done. LABELS!!! I do Car, Storage, MBR, all rooms. Bring to truck.

I personally prefer laying wardrobes rather than hanging ones. That’s just me. Lots of packing material. Keep like things together. Dish packs. I keep all electronics and kitchen appliances boxes empty in storage because they’ve got all the styrofoam packaging and it’s a breeze with just a bit of tape.

What goes at the back of the truck? A vacuum and broom after you’ve cleaned everything out. Your bed, so you and your partner can put it tothether while the movers are getting another load. Mattress and box spring. Bags with sheets and pillows and make the bed in its appropriate place.

Why? You will be exhausted and won’t have all the boxes unpacked and it’s 2 in the morning and you may have enough energy to take a quick shower. Soap, shampoo and towels. Just flop into bed. As Scarlett said in Gone With The Wind, “tomorrow is another day.”

I always have the dog, her stuff including orthopedic bed and food, my knives, a bag with food and beverages for us and the dog, and toilet paper and tissues and paper towels. Utensils, plastic cups and plates. That’s in the car with papers and my guitar.

Cheerio! Dee


One response to “Moving

  1. How can I have forgotten? Not just permanent markers for labeling. How can emphasize box cutters (one for each amateur mover) and paper products. Toilet paper, tissues, paper towels! I always leave TP on the roll for new folks and it’s always taken off before the new residents arrive. Why is that? What I hate most is driving the last eight hours and arriving at my new home nearly bursting from my third 20 oz. Diet Coke and finding no toilet paper. Pet peeve, I know. If I were a new owner/renter I would send thanks to heaven for the former occupant leaving a fresh roll!!!

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