Chick Magnets

Here is the tie my husband is forbidden from buying!

Cool tie my husband is not allowed to buy

Chick Magnet Tie

We have been very happy with all the ties we have bought from this company.

Discount code for 15% off sitewide: DEE15

Mr.Rishi who owns The Dark Knot has always been extremely helpful.


3 responses to “Chick Magnets

  1. My husband had to do the magic he does to put this online. The company does not call this tie “chick magnet” and he tried, woefully, to embrace my banter. I like that we’re so different and yet the same on so many issues. Don’t ever ask him to make a no-see-um trap. It’ll take at least a day of your time and calculations you cannot imagine. At 17 he did create a micro-switch for his Dad’s grain bin. Somewhere I’ve a notebook of his ideas, given to me by his Mom. I love him and just can’t see him working for government wearing a chick magnet tie! We ordered two others.

  2. The ties arrived, and they go with everything. The purveyor even places a note with the tie with suggestions of shirt and suit colors. As an old song says, “who could ask for anything more. I’ve got rhythm, I’ve got music,” I have to wear a suit now, who could ask for anything more? Who could ask for anything more? Business casual, says wife and dog.

  3. My loving physicist husband thought science and magnets and did not see the bird, but the soc/sci wife saw chick magnet. It’s a bar tool, not a work thing, forget the magnets, dear because I love you!

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