The Dark Knot

“Great ties!

Thank you for your email.  Yes, we could look into extra extra length ties next time.  Thank you for the suggestion.  Sam Hober does do 67 inch ties, but yes, they are custom and so would take a few weeks to be made and delivered, I believe.

For the Amagansett Chicks Tie, yes, please feel free to have your wife blog about it.  As soon as we get a couple of sales in from that, we will send you over a complimentary standard tie of your choice.  How does that sound?  We can offer her readers a 15% discount.  What is the name of her blog if you don’t mind me asking?

The Amagansett Chicks Tie is extremely popular, and is something the two of you could wear when on a date!  How does that sound?”


This is to great ties and tall guys.

We don’t date, Rishi, we’re married and watch movies on Netflx or Amazon! No bar-hopping, maybe a pizza once in a while. I cook better than any of the restaurants around here.

Note that this is not a monetized site but I needed to convey The Dark Knot owner’s complete email to you. If I want to dress up in a suit with a tie on a date with my husband (and dog, we’ll be on the patio for lunch if our town barks rather than bites about having a dog on a restaurant patio) we would definitely do versions of chick magnet. Then we’ll attract chickens to our balcony and eggs and poop all over the place and will be evicted. Isn’t that what the chick magnet tie envisioned? Just a joke, readers.

We’ve now bought three silk ties from this firm, two on order, and they offer sartorial advice so if you’ve a job interview, check it out. I just thought the chick magnet story was funny. Dee


2 responses to “The Dark Knot

  1. I know, you need the definition of sartorial, it relates to tailoring, clothes, or style of dress. It is the word of the day, here in my humble home. “Abundance” may be next as we’ll have our first delicata squash and may mix it with butternut squash for a curried soup, that would be Saturday dinner and harvest from my small herb garden and the one I inspired for the community, downstairs.

  2. We got the new ties today. Gorgeous! A friend commandeered our first empty box from weeks ago for her errant earrings. We obliged. You have given me a place to go for extra-long quality silk ties. Thank you.

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